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    A fairly good product
  • by John Tracy | 2016-07-11 10:49:42

    This is not a bad product, if you can figure out how to use it on your own. Getting tech support was non existent for me, even after three attempts on email. There is no direct chat to my knowledge, which is a big minus when you are having a problem. Once I figured it out, after multiple attempts, it is pretty straight forward and the video quality is good, music was easy to add. Wish they had different colors for text on the photos and the ability to move the text on the photo. Would have to say that it is probably the best of the ones I tried. Just don't depend on support. Funny thing happend when I was previewing my review, a banner at the bottom said "if you are having any problems, contact our tech support here" , Humerous

    wonder share DVD creator
  • by Faye Wilson | 2016-07-04 10:01:11

    Works great.

    Very Good
  • by Tim | 2016-05-21 11:08:22

    Very good

    Pleasantly Surprised
  • by Tim | 2016-04-16 13:41:15

    User-friendly, functional, adaptable. More options than I have time apply. What more could a dream machine offer?

    Very pleased!
  • by W.Simpson | 2016-03-17 15:18:55

    The software is easy to use and the DVD''s it creates look good.

    i like it
  • by ratana phorn | 2016-03-04 08:39:16

    i want to create video for my girlfriend

    Great product and easy to use
  • by Mike Jones | 2016-01-18 07:36:18

    Very impressed so far with the interfaces and ease of use. Best DVD burning software I have used.

    Good Product
  • by Thomas Sabiston | 2015-12-24 23:51:41

    Our company does lots of high def video work for TV, industry and individuals. Weddings almost always end up going to DVD. In the past we have had cases where DVD''s, made with different software, played on some players and not on others. We had to keep several players in order to check the DVD''s before we could safely deliver them to clients. The DVD Creator from Wondershare not only is easier to setup and use, but it solved that problem. We also had to sometimes use double density discs in order to fit lengthy final products. The DVD Creator offers a choice to compress to fit the disc, which other programs did not offer. Our first compressed disc requirement was because of over run size of only 30MB. The compressed product was still good enough for the client and saved the costs of high density discs. When multiple copies are required that can amount to quite a difference in client costs. We are very happy with the product and purchasing the lifetime version was an easy decision.

    So Good But Needs More Template and Features
  • by Nick | 2015-12-21 08:59:07

    I really Like The Program I Really Wish it has Lot More Template and ISO Famart Thank You

  • by DAVID | 2015-11-14 13:40:03


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