• Burn Camera videos to DVD easily and quickly on windows and mac system
  • Built-in Video Editor with features of Crop/Trim/Rotate/Watermark/Effect.
  • Customize Blu-ray disc menu with 100+ free menu templates.
  • Additional functions such as Data Disc, Video Editor, ISO to DVD, One-click Burn, etc.

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10 Best Alternatives to CDBurnerXP You Must Try

Does your web page spring with the advertisements of CD Burner XP? That may lead you to wonder the software to be in the good books. But is CDBurnerXP Pro really worth what it portrays? Is it the reliable software to burn DVD or merely bluffs out in all the available channels? So, to address all these streak of queries, you can consider counting on this article. You would unveil much better and reliable alternatives for CDBurner XP, which we will introduce in the following section.

Part 1. 10 Best Alternatives to CDBurnerXP in 2022

CD Burner XP is a free application allowing users to burn CDs, blu-ray discs, HD-DVD. With this multilingual interface, one can also get hands on experience with playing the audio files on a single disc. It even allows burning ISO files to any CD or desired disc. Moreover, this burning suite is compatible with an array of drives like IDE, USB, firewire and SCSI too. However, all the glitters are not gold. CDBurner XP may be one of the options out of the pool of burn DVD’s software. But, CDBurner may not be as worthy as it portrays to be. So, in order to discover the entire pond of other useful options, we’ve collated 10 better options from CD BurnerXP.

1. Wondershare DVD Creator

URL: https://dvdcreator.wondershare.com/

Ideally for doing wonders, Wondershare’s DVD Creator is an ultimate option. DVD Creator offers 1 click technology of burning DVDs in more than 150 file formats such as DVD/DVD folder, Blu-ray DVD folder, MKV, AVI etc. Unlike, CD BurnerXP, DVD Creator takes charge of converting multiple files at a given time. Moreover, one can even do changes like trimming, cropping, putting watermarks etc.

Wondershare DVD Creator

  • · Convert videos to DVD/Blu-ray Disc/ISO File/DVD Folder/Data Disc with fast speed and high-quality output.
  • · Edit videos with features of cropping/trimming/rotating videos, add subtitle, apply effects, and others.
  • · Select to DVD menu with 100+ template design from Movie, Memory, to Travel theme.
  • · Customize DVD menu with parameters such as background image, music, text, and others.
  • · Additional functions including ISO to DVD, Data Disc, Video Editor, Slideshow Maker, DVD to Video, DVD to DVD, One-click to Burn DVD, etc.
  • · Both DVD5 and DVD9 disc are available.
  • · Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave), 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.


  • • Allows users to view the video in slideshows for better understanding of the video.
  • • DVD Creator offers around 100 static or dynamic templates in an array of themes.
  • • Supports in creating chapters manually and automatically.


  • • None.

Best Alternatives to CDBurnerXP - Wonderrshare DVD Creator


URL: http://www.imgburn.com/

Beyond being a good competitor to CD BurnerXP Pro, IMGBURN is a simple DVD burner facilitating in burning DVD in a broad array of file formats like BIN, CCD, CDI, CUE, PDI etc. The best part is support Unicode folder/ files.


  • • Allows burning of Audio CD via direct show/ACM such as MP4, WMA, WV, WAV files etc.
  • • IMGBURN is a freeware, so it does not charge for the services it renders to the user.
  • • Has an ‘Automatic Write Speed’ feature for burning the speed settings as per ‘Media ID’ basis.


  • • Does not fully support RAW formats at all.
  • • IMGBURN fails to give direct disc copy feature to the users i.e., program makes an image and then copy the same on the disk.
  • • Cannot support multiple burning of files, only one burner can be used at a single point of time.

Best Alternatives to CDBurnerXP - ImgBurn

3. Ashampoo

URL: https://www.ashampoo.com/en/usd/pin/5310/burning-software/burning-studio-19

For users who want to simply burn the CD contents into the desired format, Ashampoo can stand as a considerable option. With Ashampoo disc burner, you can rip, burn and copy the files conveniently. It can even copy the data from CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs which was not provides by CD burnerxp.


  • • Ashampoo program offers a protected space for maintaining the backup of the data file.
  • • Can create and burn file images via Ashampoo.
  • • It can also offer animated menus for using any video DVD projects.


  • • Fails to give users the customizable options, one could make use of.
  • • This disc burner fails to facilitate the user with disc-compression feature.
  • • The visual design is not very appealing.

Best Alternatives to CDBurnerXP - Ashampoo

4. Teracopy Portable

URL: https://www.codesector.com/teracopy

Tech coder’s Teracopy portable stands in league with CD burnerxp for its amazingly faster speed of transferring files to and fro from the disk. Above all, you can stash a good amount of gigabytes of data in this portable application and burn any required file with ease.


  • • The easy installation process is very simple and less time consuming.
  • • Easily burns the DVD contents in a very reliable way.
  • • Teracopy offers directory opus that handles the files and its records very well.


  • • Teracopy portable is not compatible with Windows Internet explorer.
  • • The program is not very stable once the program is running.
  • • The interface is not very intuitive and useful.

Best Alternatives to CDBurnerXP - Teracopy Portable

5. FinalBurner

URL: https://winscp.net/eng/download.php

If FinalBurner and CD burnerxp are the options to choose from, we would vote the former one for its powerful performance of burning the desired CD in a go! Being an open source interface, it allows burning of a good chunk of data in a hassle-free manner.


  • • Burn the discs or ISO images in easy manner.
  • • Easily compatible with various Windows versions.
  • • Doesn’t take much space in your system.


  • • The interface has a turn off appeal. It contains only few buttons in the taskbar and few options.
  • • Doesn’t provide satisfactory results as one can expect.

Best Alternatives to CDBurnerXP - FinalBurner

6. BurnAware

URL: http://www.burnaware.com/download.html

BurnAware is powerful burning suite that allows users to burn, create CD, DVD, blu-ray inclusive of M-disc much easily. Compared to CD burner X, BurnAware works as an all-rounder for turning over all the bootable discs, multi-session discs into a better quality of burn disc images.


  • • BurnAware covers multiple tasks required for CDs- backup, verification, image creation and data recovery in a useful way.
  • • One can handle the boot settings, ISO levels and session selection from the program.
  • • Can fully copy the entire region of disk into an ISO image.


  • • BurnAware does not provide full compression option for the disk.
  • • No option of customization is included in this burning suite.
  • • Cannot support multiple copies of the blu-ray movies.

Best Alternatives to CDBurnerXP - BurnAware

7. DeepBurner

URL: https://www.deepburner.com/

Far from being an intuitive burning suite, DeepBurner offers features compared to CD burnerxp. Astonsoft DeepBurner allows users to build free labels and auto run menu for the CDs or DVDs you are want to run on your computer. Also, you can perform restoration of the media.


  • • Claims to have a powerful Audio CD ripping quality.
  • • Can work with the ISO images to burn or create.


  • • The interface is not very customer-friendly but dated-looking.
  • • DeepBurner is not compatible with the blu-ray files.
  • • It is a freeware but to experience advanced features, one may have to pay for it.

Best Alternatives to CDBurnerXP - DeepBurner

8. Astroburn Pro

URL: https://www.astroburn.com/home

Before you opt for CD BurnerXP to download on your system, withdraw for a second and consider using Astroburn software that not only burn discs but create and record ISO copies in a very simple manner. You can use this software to swiftly burn HD-DVD and Blu-Ray formats.


  • • Astroburn grants you the liberty of creating custom projects in a very simplified manner.
  • • Supports multi-lingual environment and allows.
  • • The program can create bootable CD that can facilitate in OS recovery.


  • • Fails to give advanced options of burning the disc.
  • • AstroBurn Lite version cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Best Alternatives to CDBurnerXP - AstroBurn Pro

9. NCH Software

URL: https://www.nch.com.au/burn/index.html

NCH Software is one of the simple disc burning software that drives out better results than CD burnerxp! One can easily manage to record video files into PAL, NTSC. All you have to do is drag and drop the files and burn it accordingly.


  • • With NCH software, you get the software.
  • • Allows you to create and manage chapters on DVD and blu-ray discs.
  • • Can burn data disc into ISO/Joliet, UDF or hybrid formats.


  • • In order to burn the blu ray disc, one may have to purchase for the advanced version.
  • • The interface may come out to a disappointment as it is quite outdated.
  • • The advanced features do not offer a pool of options.

Best Alternatives to CDBurnerXP - NCH Software

10. DVD Cloner

URL: https://www.dvd-cloner.com/

DVD Cloner is one of the useful tools for burning the contents of the DVD, importing contents from 1 DVD to another in a very simple manner. With this all-rounder package, you can work on the DVD burners, inclusive of external DVD burners.


  • • A very good output quality of the resultant product.
  • • Allows you to rip high-capacity movies into desired MKV format.
  • • This versatile burning suite can be aptly used for the burning DVD ISO files.


  • • There is no easy provision for saving DVD ISO file in this software.
  • • Not feasible enough to support all of the Bluray discs.

Best Alternatives to CDBurnerXP - DVD Cloner

Part 2. Use Best CDBurnerXP Alternative to Burn CD

The ideal competitor to CD Burner XP is Wondershare DVD Converter, equipped with the latest technology, stretching compatibility with more than 150 formats conveniently. From DVD folder, Blu-ray DVD, AVI to DVD-R/RW, one gets the liberty of burning the contents swiftly. Besides burning CD/Disc, one can professionally edit the contents, create the chapters for the same and make use of 100s of templates with ease. Unlike, CDBurnerXP, that may fail to deliver all these features in its kit!

Following is the set of key features that highlights what wonders can Wondershare DVD Converter can do for you.

Wondershare DVD Creator

  • • It’s faster and reliable 1-click technology that burns the DVD conveniently.
  • • Make editions such as trimming, enhancing, or adding subtitles in the video using the in-built video editor offered by Wondershare DVD Converter.
  • • Offers a pool of more than 100 free static and dynamic templates.
  • • DVD Converter’s ability of burning DVD’s in a herculean speed is fantastic.
  • • One can create beautiful photo slides using the Photo Slideshow Maker.

How to Burn CD with Wondershare DVD Creator

Step 1: Download DVD Creator

First and foremost, download DVD Creator on your system. Once the software installs, launch it and tap on ‘CD Burner’ option available from main interface.

Best Alternatives to CDBurnerXP - Start DVD Creator

Step 2: Insert Songs on the software

Now, the ‘Music’ insert screen will come up, all you have to do is tap on ‘+’ button so that the image gets inserted.

Best Alternatives to CDBurnerXP - Add Songs into Program

Step 3: Save changes now

If you are well content with the changes made by you, then you can finally hit the ‘Burn’ tab from the screen below. Tada! This way, you can burn your CD with this program.

Best Alternatives to CDBurnerXP - Start Burning CD


In a nutshell, this article throws light upon the 10 most useful, best and reliable alternatives of DVD Converter, useful in burning the CD in a fraction of moments. With their advanced technology and the ability to carry out the task in a hassle-free manner, makes them stand in league with CD BurnerXP pro. So, before thinking to CD BurnerXP getting downloaded in your system, you can check upon the useful alternatives. But, to experience a faster process, Wondershare DVD creator stands in par for its proven results. It stretches its compatibility with more than 150 file formats file formats and in a click, burns the desired CD, DVD, discs etc. Moreover, it supports burning multiple files in a batch without affecting the quality of the video. Do comment below, so that we could know which product you found worth trying!

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